Q:  Why should I attend the Single Muslim Event?
A:  Searching for a suitable marriage partner can be difficult. This event will allow you to meet many like minded Muslim Professionals and will save you time from meeting someone over the internet or through family and friends. Nothing beats meeting marriage prospects face to face, in person.

Q: What is considered a ‘Muslim Professional’?
A: A ‘professional’ for the purpose of our events is someone who has reached a comfortable spot in their career or educational pursuits and is ready to move on towards the next stage in their life.

Q:  Should I register now?
A:  Yes. There are limited spots for our events. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you register as soon as possible. Spaces at our events fill up quickly.

Q:  Can I bring someone with me?
A:  Yes. Participants may bring a family member and/or friend but please be advised that seats for guests are limited and they will be seated in a designated section.

Q: What makes Ummah Events different than other matrimonial services offered in the GTA?
A: Our format (see below) allows participants to meet in person without having to go through profiles or photos. We value the time of participants attending our event and will strive to maximize efficiency, Insha-Allah.

Q:  Is this a speed dating event?
A:  No. Our program is focused on avoiding awkward or uncomfortable feelings which can be associated with the speed dating concept. It is designed to allow Muslims to meet in a relaxed and comfortable setting.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

Q:  What is the format of your program?
A:  Introductions and structured discussions will be coordinated in small groups and there will be enough time given for participants to get to know each other.  After the group sessions, there will be an opportunity for individual meetings based on request.

Q:  Will there be an equal ratio of females and males?
A:  The format of the program is designed with a 50:50 ratio. Space at this event is limited to a maximum number of female and male participants.

Q:  What if I am late in arriving for the event?
A:  We ask that all participants arrive on time. Late comers will miss out on meeting some marriage prospects once the program starts.

Q:  Is there a Dress Code for the event?
A:  Yes. We would like our participants to “dress to impress” since first impressions are very important. It is advisable to not wear t-shirts and jeans.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.