Feedback from past participants:

“Clever idea of meeting singles in the community. The format was much better than speed dating. The volunteers are sparing their time for a whole day (never mind the background preparation work that goes into it), is quite honorable. Mad respects.”

“Interesting and comfortable way to meet people”

 “I liked the format of circle tables rather than introducing yourself to a big crowd or by speed dating”.

“Really well organized, volunteers were absolutely amazing!!!”

“Relaxed and respectful.”

– 7th event (Feb 2017)


“I just wanted to express that the event last night was a good experience. I have been to other matchmaking events, and was quite reluctant coming out yesterday, but to my surprise I found the event quite organized, and I could see the effort put behind it”
– Sister, 4th event (Dec 2012)

“I just wanted to say thank you for organizing the Single Muslim event last night. I am sure that its taken a lot of work to get to the level of coordination, and exceptional execution that I witnessed last night – may Allah(swt) reward all of you who made it happen. I have to assume that it is a completely volunteer driven event given the minimal cost per person, and for what participants got in return. I was very impressed by the level of professionalism of event volunteers, and the preparations made. Everyone I had spoken to was kind and courteous.”
– Brother, 3rd event (Oct 2011)

“Thank you for hosting the event. I found the volunteers and the organization to be excellent.”
– Brother, 4th event (Dec 2012)

“Firstly, great job organizing! I know that this is not a simple task, but my prayers will be with all of you for putting together such an important event.

Secondly, and most importantly, this is the most important feedback that I can give to you. All of you showed a lot of warmth at the event, and were very kind and sincere with all the participants. This is so important in terms of helping ease the nerves, and just being understanding of everyone’s situation. Your warmth and kindness went a long way, and I can tell you personally that it left a lasting impression on my mind. Your smiles went a long way.

Thirdly, the other aspect that I found very good is that many of you went to people at the end of the night to encourage them to seek out and talk to other people. This was also very important because this can be an extremely nervous time for all (understandably), and a little encouragement to get people to talk goes a long way.”
– Brother, 3rd event (Oct 2011)

“Mashallah i’ve attended all 3 events, and I have to say they keep getting better and better. I hope to have a success story for you. May Allah swt reward you all and increase you and place much barakah in all your efforts to help us and the community.”
– Sister, 3rd event (Oct 2011)

“Alhamdulillah it was a good experience, may Allah (swt) reward all the organizers and volunteers for their efforts Insha’Allah..ameen.”
Sister, 3rd event (Oct 2011)

“Salaam guys… great event … my second one with you guys … very well organized and everything was timely.”
– Brother, 4th event (Dec 2012)

“May Allah reward sister Shela, brother Omar, brother Ahmad, brother Aamir, and all the other brothers and sisters involved (sorry, those are the only names I remember!) in organising yesterday’s UmmahEvents program. The event was well-organised, mashallah, and I think everything went as well as one could expect.”
– Brother, 3rd event (Oct 2011)